Thursday, May 24, 2018

Mad Rush For Expensive Rags!

Before now, these 'clothes' should have been found at a madman's corner at some dirty, disused spot in Lagos, for instance; or used as rags in various homes – by people who no longer find them useful since they can no longer be considered suitable attire for anyone still in possession of a stable mind.
Well worn and horribly ripped, their only value is their ability to scare people away from anyone wearing them…

But shockingly, this is what is in vogue today. Sane human beings are spending huge sums of money to buy and wear them…
Yes, they are no longer called rags, but new (expensive) designer jeans and t-shirts displayed for sale in keeping with today's fashion trends – especially very popular with "happening" celebrities?
If this is not a sign of mental challenge, what can we call it? Please, tell me... hasn’t the world gone berserk?

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