Tuesday, January 3, 2017

President Mugabe Hospitalised, Rumours Start

The usual rumours that President Robert Mugabe has either been hospitalised or died in the East where he is on annual leave holiday have started making rounds as the 92 year old leader took his annual leave on December and left the country to the Far East.
A Facebook post that has gone viral claim the president fell sick on January 1 2017 and got hospitalised in the Far East.

"Reports coming from the far east is that the president of the republic of Zimbabwe was hospitalized on new year's eve evening after falling on his head and suffering a concussion in the hotel bathroom," reads the post. 

"Sources from the secret service have confirmed it by saying HE is serious but stable in hospital. Their worry is that his mouth has shifted to the side and now it is almost under his ear lob which could be a sign of a severe stroke since he has lost his speech too. Wishing Gushungo a speedy recovery."

Each time Mugabe goes for his annual leave in the East, rumours have been made that he has died. After several of such speculative reports that turned out to be false, the Western now exercises caution before jumping on such a story.

1 comment:

  1. At 92, anything goes in the human body without warning. He will crumble. Unfortunately, he is closer to his end than ever, period.


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