Saturday, June 29, 2019

Ruga Not Rugged Enough

By Banji Ojewale
After a long season of dithering over how to respond to nationwide killings by Fulani herdsmen across Nigeria, the federal authorities this week finally came up with an initiative proving merely to be one of the old tricks from the bag of a hag. We are on familiar grounds again. Nothing new has been said. It is the unveiling of the jaded strategy to bring the entire country under the rule of the cow, the cownisation of our communities nationwide.

From the bag of the hag has come the explanation that the killer herdsmen are our brothers and sisters we must learn to cohabit with.  From the pouch also emerged the revelation that the herdsmen are fleeing warriors from Libya, looking for new theatres after the bloody conflict that consumed Libyan strongman, Muammar Gaddafi. 

Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Legality Of Competition Transition Charges In NESI

By Idowu Oyebanjo
The declaration of Eligible Customers (EC) in the Nigerian Electricity Supply Industry (NESI) in 2017 has sent the right signals to investors that the NESI is progressing towards retail competition. However, it seems the Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC) is yet again trying to walk before it crawls by introducing competition transition charges (CTC) that may discourage potential eligible customers (PEC) and investors from taking advantage of the business opportunities presented by the recent declaration.
This is not the first time we have seen how the timing and implementation of policy directives can make or mar the chances of the power sector surviving turbulent and stormy periods. It is against this backdrop that we analyse the current plans of NERC to introduce CTC in the NESI as it can potentially lead to an increase in the cost of electricity supply (tariffs) to all consumers.

EU Election Report: Straight From Janus!

By Banji Ojewale
Janus was the Roman mythological god that had two faces, front and back. One looked backwards into the past, with the other gazing forward into the future. Heaven help you if you lost your way and ran into Janus at a crossroads. He would blight your plight. For, his mien would indicate two directions, when all you required was one to lead you to your destination. But alas the ancient Romans celebrated this god of guile, elevating him as inspirer of ‘’auspicious beginnings.’’ That’s how the month of January was imposed on us in honour of Janus.

And that is what the European Union Election Observer Mission, EU EOM, that came for Nigeria’s 2019 poll has given the nation: a report with two deceptive sides. The document has been hailed and contemned by the country’s two major political parties, All Progressives Congress, APC, and Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, suggesting that there are two angles, each suiting or damning one side or the other. You go home with what gratifies you and drop that which offends. Yet it’s one report.

Friday, June 7, 2019

E-Campus Television Is Now Known In Several Institutions Within And Outside Nigeria – Emmanuel Aloysius

In 2013, Mr. Emmanuel Aloysius, a graduate of Mathematics and young entrepreneur, founded E-Campus Television where he now serves as the CEO. In this interview with Nigerian journalist and writer, Ugochukwu Ejinkeonye, he shares the story of the organization and where he hopes to see it in the next few years…
*Emmanuel Aloysius 

Monday, June 3, 2019

Is Nigeria Still Redeemable?

Every real nation state is an historical product. It is, in Marx's celebrated phrase, "the official resume of the antagonism in civil society", but under historically determinate circumstances. As such, it is the product of the historically specific constellation of class relations and social conflicts in which it is implicated. 
It may, therefore, indeed, it must, if it is not to rest on its monopoly of the means of coercion alone, incorporate within its own structure, the interests not only of the dominant but of the subordinate classes. In this quite specific sense, then, every real nation state has an inherently relative independence, including, as well, the independence to understand the dynamics of its made-made domestic crises. In consequence, therefore, the general characteristics of the Nigerian nation state today may be seen in terms of the enormity of its domestic crises and social contradictions.

Nigeria Is Under Attack!

By Anthony Cardinal Okogie
On a Monday in September 2015, former finance minister, Chief Olu Falae was on his farm in Ilado near Akure when some armed men came looking for him. At gunpoint, they abducted him and held him until the following Thursday. At the age of 77, he was made to walk several kilometres. He was made to sleep in the rain. According to his own account published in some national dailies, every half an hour, his armed abductors threatened: “Baba, we are going to kill you.  If you don’t give us money we are going to kill you.”
*Cardinal Okogie
By 2018, herdsmen were wreaking havoc in the states of the middle belt of Nigeria. Then, a retired Chief of Army Staff, a veteran of military intervention in Nigerian politics, General Theophilus Danjuma, warned that there was ethnic cleansing in the middle belt. Having lost confidence in the government’s willingness or ability to deal with the situation, General Danjuma called on the people of the middle belt to take responsibility for their own security. The reaction of aides to the President of the Federal Republic was to insult him and call him names he did not deserve to bear.

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