Tuesday, April 18, 2017

The Hypnosis Of Little Brother Naija

It is with great relief that the television (un)reality show, Big Brother Naija, #BBN, has come to an end after 70 agonising days. It was 70 days of depravity gone overboard. It was a period the devil was given reins over our country, Africa, and possibly the world, when budding youths were quarantined in a house of sin and manipulated to dance to surreal and macabre music orchestrated by merchants of immorality, smiling to the banks.
It was a time when Nigeria was hypnotised to sacrifice decency to the gods of mammon. Even at that, the spell cast upon the nation was so strong we ended up enriching South Africa and gaining nothing but the few coins given to the winner of the show, Efe, and his two compatriots.
How do I mean? I will tell you. Nigeria surrendered the hosting of the show to South Africa despite her citizens, and, in fact, the nation itself being the focus. They sold Nigeria the dummy that power challenges would not allow the hosting of the show in Nigeria and, so, shipped our youth to that South African madhouse. All the technicians were South Africans and Nigerians lost opportunity to make a few bucks for themselves from a project they should have been first beneficiaries. It was a big rip-off! South Africans made heavy financial gains. Over 24 million people voted on the last day alone and if that is translated to cash, and input all the votes of the previous days preceding the final, you can see how dumb the minders of our economy are to have given South Africa that much room to manipulate them out of much revenue.
It is annoying that South African firms would play big in this country, earn billions and corrupt our youths, with our leaders moping and yet that country for which Nigeria sacrificed everything has nothing but disrespect and hatred for our citizens in their own country that are daily hacked down in hideous xenophobic circumstances.
Nigeria lost, and woefully and too. Our children are being put through so many inanities in order to make few naira to take care of themselves and families since our government has failed in its basic responsibilities. That is why parents allow or encourage their daughters to put their southern breasts on display before a gawking perishing world. That is also why parents allow or encourage their sons to grope and fondle their female compatriots in the show of shame. That is why a woman would allow or encourage her husband to go cavorting with other women if only he wins and brings home cursed money to the marital bed.
Methinks there are many ways to promote our youths other than grooming them for hell. The so-called entertainment we claim to derive from such immoral projects will surely turn to gravel in our mouths sooner than later if we don’t say no to the importation of foreign culture to our land. We must reject whatever business proposal that debases our sons and daughters and the very basic moral cultural strings that make us who we are. And that begins now! The Nigerian government should stir from its somnambulist hypnosis so that our youth are not easily deceived by puerile varnishing gold and glamour.

 And let me state clearly that my head is already adorned by helmet and primed to receive the cudgels from hedonists, who would see me as a puritan buried in the past. We must save our children from corruptive influences and if the world comprised, there remained yet a remnant of God’s Generals, who would stand on hallowed grounds to resist the evils of our time despite the risks. I am proud to be counted among that number.
*Mr. Iwuoma is a commentator on public issues 


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