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Nigeria’s Last Virgins!

(First published Tuesday, February 6, 2007)

By Ugochukwu Ejinkeonye
If you are a parent or grandparent, whose children or grandchildren are enrolled in Nigerian schools, and you read this article, and decide that the current attempt by a tiny clique of clearly depraved minds within the nation’s educational system, to carefully disrobe Nigerian kids of their prized innocence and healthy mind and titillate them to perdition should not attract your unreserved indignation, conscious action, and, in fact, public outrage, then, just know that you are not qualified to answer a parent anymore. 

In fact, your children and grandchildren will certainly wake up one day to curse your memory for watching passively while some desperate fellows, for totally self-serving reasons, subjected their tender minds to vile and ungodly lessons that are carefully and solely designed to make them become animals in human skins.

*Weep Not, Child!
A couple of months ago, when I was shown the topics to be treated under the subject called “Sexuality Education” or “Sex Education” which tender children in both junior and secondary schools in Lagos State are now being forced to learn, I could not imagine that anyone outside a mental home could be wicked enough to design a subject with such insidious contents, even for the kids of his worst enemy! In fact, as I think about it now, I consider the introduction of that subject in our schools the worst case of child abuse – brazenly endorsed by the nation’s education authorities and unleashed on today’s kids like a poisonous live snake. What kind of madness is this?
Mere kids, some as young as nine and ten, are put in the hands of teachers, who deploy every energy, talent and creativity to pollute and saturate their tender minds with every detail about sexual immorality, masturbation, contraceptives (like condom and pills), etc. And like I said here last week, I can imagine how easy it would become for a teacher who has been targeting a female student to use his creative elaboration of this subject, to get the girl so aroused she would become easy meat. My suspicion is that in many cases, what the teachers would be giving out would be targeted more at titillating their tender victims than educating them!
*Ugochukwu Ejinkeonye

When this matter was debated on the TV programme, Patito’s Gang,” recently, virtually all the participants wondered why a few people could take it upon themselves, to gather in one small room somewhere, and without adequate consultations with stakeholders, especially parents and even teachers, design such a vile subject, with far-reaching implications for the moral health of the nation. My brother, Reuben Abati, who moderated the discussions that day laboured so hard to sell the lame point about the need “to empower the kids with information,” so they could be in a position to make their choices.

As Reuben recycled these well-worn, uninspiring arguments, I remembered a particular essay of his in The Guardian of Sunday of March 3, 2002, entitled, “Mrs. Atiku’s Search For Virgins”, where he thoroughly chastised Mrs. Amina Titi Atiku Abubakar, Vice President’s wife, for daring to say (in Reuben’s words) that, “one way of stopping the alarming spread of HIVAIDS scourge in our society is for mothers and each and everyone of us to discourage and avoid premarital sex.”

Reuben sounded so offended by Mrs. Atiku’s suggestion that I began to wonder whether there was anything he stood gain by a possible “deregulation” of sexual immorality in Nigeria! Well, I began to get a clear picture of where he was coming from when he declared: “Mrs. Atiku wants virgins on our streets. Ah! Does she know the number of businesses that depend on premarital sex? . . . If Mrs. Atiku had been talking about safe sex, adolescent sexuality awareness programmes and general pubic enlightenment, that would have been fine. But to say people should avoid pre-marital sex, is simply revolutionary.” Yes, Reuben actually said that!

Well, Reuben is not alone in that camp. A few days after his article appeared in Nigeria, Mr. Andrew M. Mwenda published an article in The Monitor (Uganda’s leading newspaper – March 22, 2002) captioned: “Sexual Abstinence: Rubbish!” Said Wwenda in the piece: “To demand that a girl abstains from sex until she is married . . . is to impose an unbearable burden on our daughters.” I should think that Mr. Wwenda is raising his voice in support of some “liberated” women who always feel extremely pained each time the word “virginity” is mentioned.

For them, such a word was merely invented by men to subjugate women, since, it is often used more in relation to women than to men. Now, I don’t intend this discourse to degenerate to a gender war, and distract us from the more important issues we are trying to resolve here. I can only add that any girl who is swallowing such claptrap from her “liberated” aunties should first take a look at them, and ask herself whether her ambition is to end up like them.

Yes, she should count the costs, because at the end of the day, reality, that ultimate unmasker of all self-deceptions, will discover everyone and hold aloft in broad daylight the relics of every misspent youth! Indeed we deceive ourselves when we try to play down the point that in any sexual misadventure, the woman is always at greater risk, and this has to do more with her peculiar anatomy than societal conditioning, as some feminists would have us believe.
*Please, We Are Too Tender: Don't Abuse
 Us With Pernicious Teachings!

Wisdom should therefore dictate that she who faces the greater risk should exercise the greater caution! I have my suspicions about the intentions of these anti-virginity amazons. It even becomes more suspicious when some men, hiding under some dubious “woman friendly” credentials, also enlist in the anti-virginity army, especially, as it relates to women. My take is that before any girl elects to take these men serious, she should do herself a favour by pondering the plain words of David Thomas who once said: “If I were a woman, I would never trust men who say they are feminists.  Either they are acting out of guilt, trying to establish credentials, or they think they might be able to pick more girls. If I were a woman, I would say [to the men]: go away and have your first period.  Then come back and tell me you are a feminist.”

The reason behind the introduction of these destructive teachings in our schools, I am told, is to help children escape teenage pregnancy, sexually transmitted diseases, especially HIV/AIDS. The aim is to demystify fornication, give it positive image, as something to be cherished and enjoyed, without any fear, so long as it is done “safely”. The belief is that with the age-long “superstition” built around sexual immorality, a few straying kids tend to do it with fear, and in the process get into trouble. 

But, unfortunately, by introducing these teachings, these fellows are playing with fire. The totally naïve confidence they have invested in the effectiveness of their “safe sex” is not backed by any facts. In their desperation to introduce the subject and rake in millions of naira from the books already written and printed on it, they forgot to consider the consequences of their actions – a fallout this nation may never recover from. It is a fact that these teachings have been introduced in both the United States and Britain for several years now.

As I write now, I have before me, a BBC report saying that Britain has the highest record of teenage pregnancy in the whole of Western Europe. Also, another report has it that the United States has the highest number of teenage pregnancies in the Western world. Again, in the United States, where years of successful and effective campaign for the use of condom has yielded massive attitudinal change in favour of condom use, new infections of HIV are still on the increase. Why is Nigeria always eager to import programmes and policies that have failed in other nations? Just why?

The point we must note is that what these teachings have done, and are still doing, is to excite immoral curiosities in those kids and push them into more dangerous adventures.
Try and interview the teachers who teach this vile subject and be shocked by their narration of the vulgar excitement it produces in the nine and ten year-old babies on whom it is presently being inflicted. Ask the teachers, especially the mothers and fathers among them, whether they sincerely believe this subject would be in the best  interest of the pupils!

Where is this nation really heading to? How do we  expect children to still concentrate on their studies when we saturate them with filthy teachings that only pollute their minds with lusts. As the nation encourages these babies to start having “sin-partners” at nine and ten, and indulging in “safe” unrestrained sex, what type of future leaders do we expect them to become? After “empowering”  them to go on rampage and experiment with “safe” indiscriminate sex or masturbation at will, wouldn’t we have succeeded in giving them a virus deadlier than AIDS?  Every decent minded person in this country should rise in fierce condemnation of this desperation to give our children enough light to light them to damnation. He must enlist in the coming big battle to eliminate this unambiguous satanic script from our school system. 

By the way, what is all this fetish about “safe” sex? Is there anything like that? Already, a lot of studies and findings have effectively punctured the dubious confidence that AIDS campaigners have for self-serving reasons built on condom. We know that when reduced to a very micro level, several objects, especially rubber and plastics, have tiny holes through which very minute micro organisms could pass. I read somewhere recently that “HIV virus is only 0.1 micron in size while the naturally occurring holes in a latex condom is of the order 5 to 50 microns in diameter.”

Indeed, HIV is 500 times smaller than spermatozoa, yet research has established that spermatozoa are able to sometimes pass through the wall of a latex condom and cause pregnancy. Then tell me what happens with HIV? The example cited earlier of the worrisome rise in fresh infections of HIV in a place like the US despite the success of condom-use campaign would serve to buttress this point.

So we better rouse ourselves from this lethal sleep and halt this brazen assault on public morality in the guise of protection of kids. Who knows who is inspiring this campaign? It is instructive that The Guardian on Sunday, July 18, 1999, carried a report that a cross section of American college (mostly female) students are regretting the limitless freedom their parents had taught them and are now pursuing a “no-sex” campaign. But in Nigeria in 2006, sex has been deregulated and democratized. What an abomination!

Right now, a serious regret is also seriously soaking the consciousness of the Western world, because of the moral wreck their children have become. But they are now helpless, because, it seems to have become too late, and things have got out of hand. They now wish they never gave a silly interpretation to freedom in their society at some point in their history and saved their children from becoming a little better than animals.

But poor Nigerians, we are distinguished by our peculiar knack to gobble up everything Western, no matter how rotten. Go to the scummy pond called Nollywood, and ask them why they are going so wild and immoral, and the answer you will get is: That is how they do it in Hollywood. See what I mean?

But the question to ask is: to what extent should the state interfere in my life and family? Where does the state derive the authority to invade my home with pernicious teachings, and inflict them on my kids, just because I gave them my kid to educate in their schools? How I am sure that those who designed this subject are not moral wrecks themselves, who have a mission to poison society, and make everyone become like them? Must the state empower them to ruin the nation’s kids? I know Reuben has already hinted us about the commercial consideration in the project, but must they prosper at the expense of all we hold dear? 

Indeed, I sincerely think the state has over-stepped its bounds, and must therefore be challenged. They can’t take over the roles, which only parents can perform well. If you want your children to become animals, gather them inside the (dis)comfort of  your home and teach them all the techniques of creative sexual immorality. Don’t hide under the cover of the state spread such a Euro-brewed pollution to other homes. You cannot claim to love the children of others more than the parents that gave birth to them.

I have made up my mind to oppose this surreptitious attempt by the state to teach my children what a few fellows gathered somewhere and formulated, which I consider very unhealthy for them. I don’t care what anyone says, or if I am called primitive, but I am totally and wholly against any attempt by anyone to pollute the minds of today’s youths and turn them to moral wrecks. For me, the struggle against this vile and obnoxious policy is just about to begin.





  1. Dr Chukwuweta OnuoraApril 7, 2011 at 12:46 AM

    Dear sir,

    Thank you for your write up. I suggest that you see the Integrated Science teacher in the public school nearest to you and ask for the teacher's guide. It is horrible.

    The teachers are to teach students how to masturbate and use chemical contraceptives (designed for women in their 30s). Also they are supposed to teach our children that teachings of Islam and Christianity on issues like pre-marital sex, contraception, homosexuality, abortion and gender relations are mere opinions and myths!

    The teachers guide also lays a big emphasis on values clarification, this will allow your teenage child decide which moral values to chose since the ones you and I teach them at home are options.

    I hope the minister of education has seen this rubbish. Her silence is deafening.

    Dr Chukwuweta Onuora

  2. Mrs. Coralia SanuadeApril 7, 2011 at 12:55 AM

    I'm married to a nigerian and we live in the UK. Our children have "Sex Ed." at their schools and when they come home we always check with them about what they learned while away.

    It's our responsibility to teach our children about morality and sexuality.

    Children of Primary or Secondary Shool age are not mentally or phisically ready to learn about sex.

    Mr. Ugochukwu Ejinkeonye is absolutly correct in his condemnation. My aplause and my thanks to him.

    Mrs. Coralia Sanuade

  3. In the opening lines of this article, Mr. Ugochukwu Ejinkeonye wrote:
    "If you are a parent or grandparent, whose children or grandchildren are enrolled in Nigerian schools, and you read this article, and decide that the current attempt by a tiny clique of clearly depraved minds within the nation's educational system, to carefully disrobe Nigerian kids of their prized innocence and healthy mind and titillate them to perdition should not attract your unreserved indignation, conscious action, and, in fact, public outrage, then, just know that you are not qualified to answer a parent anymore. In fact, your children and grandchildren will certainly wake up one day to curse your memory for watching passively while some desperate fellows, for totally self-serving reasons, subjected their tender minds to vile and ungodly lessons that are carefully and solely designed to make them become animals in human skins."

    You're right on target, Sir. I feel your passion and wholehertedly agree with the points you're trying to get across. It gladdens my heart to know that Nigeria has NOT gone to the dogs completely. Thanks to upright folks like you and Dr. Laetitia A'daudu of GAP in Lagos. ( for flying the moral flag for our children.

    I read about Sex Ed in Lagos Public schools about a year ago. I was mortified to say the least, and more so when I learnt it was being funded by USAID!!!!, an off-shoot of the IMF; and their objectives are NOT that noble at all.
    Ford Foundation funded NGO's are also involved. FF supports "Knowledge, Creativity and Freedom Programs" that support reforms in sexuality. This work on sexuality aims to build knowledge and deepen understanding of sexuality and it's relationship to human fulfilment and identity. The directors of these sexuality programs are die-hard feminists who hate men, are mostly lesbians and encourage homosexual experimentation.

    Someone mentioned that abstinence is part of the sex ed program in US Schools. I do not think that it is promoted enough, if at all, as part of the ABC approach at sex education in US Public schools. Planned Parenthood will NOT allow it -- it diminshes their profit from abortions (no sex means no pregnancy and no abortion, the lifeline of Planned Parenthood). Abstinence only programs are available in Faith Based initiatives, and they have been the most successful, as in Uganda.

    I mentioned elsewhere that this Sex Ed program in Lagos schools should be removed from the curriculum. The program directors are only in it for the money, they do not know and do not really care about the dire psychological damages visited upon these poor kids. Instead of sex education why not teach them to value their bodies and sexuality?. Why give up on the children?

    Your write-up gets my vote for Post of the Week. Thank you for not giving up on our children, we will fight for them. I will fight for my nephews and niece, THEY ARE WORTH IT, AND SO IS EVERY HELPLESS NIGERIAN CHILD!!!!!!

    Nonye (Concerned Women for Africa)

  4. I appreciated this blog! Keep up the good work, I like your writing. I have gotten some good information here.

  5. I worked as a missionary for seven years in a country Where this kind of sex education was practiced and the result was a high rate of children between the ages of eight and eleven becoming mothers. That is, those who hadn’t the courage to go for abortion. That was not all. HIV was on the increase. It was when the minister who was in charge of health and who was personally distributing condoms to schools died of AIDS that the eyes of many opened. Whoever introduced this subject especially without a corresponding moral education hates the children of this country and humanity in general. I suggest that parents should rise up in peaceful demonstration against the inclusion of this subject in the school curricula before it is too late.


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