Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Onitsha Massacre: The Dangerous Silence Of Gov Obiano

By Osondu Nwike

Governance in a democratic dispensation is primarily meant to protect the governed among other responsibilities. The relationship between the leader and the led does not start and end with canvassing for votes at which time the leader dines and dances with the common man.

Governor Willy Obiano's silence and inactivity on now two pronounced massacres in Onitsha is dangerous not only on his insensitivity on the lives of Igbo people but on the troubling suspicion on who the real enemies of the Igbo people are. It is Biblical, dating to the days of Esau and Jacob that for a porridge, one can mortgage his rights. Has Obiano played along for his porridge at Abuja?. It is a known fact that after the 1st Onitsha massacre, the governor of the city where the dastardly act took place did not visit any of the wounded neither did he make out time to show concern to the families of the victims nor condemned the act in strong terms.

Yesterday, 17th of December, 2015, about 8 unarmed Igbos marching towards the Niger Bridge head were killed by the soldiers while over 13 were wounded. The most disturbing part of this second massacre is the allegation that same soldiers abducted the bodies of the killed and made away with them.

Gov. Obiano must set politics aside and act as the protector of his people. Anambra people and the rest of Nigerians resident in Onitsha must be seen by the governor as part of his responsibility to protect and care no matter the association, religion and status they represent.

It is on record that the governor of Kaduna State, in company of the IGP and the Minister of Interior visited the Shiite leader, expressing concern and love for the people no matter what may have transpired and that is the expectation of Anambra people, that is the expectation of the Igbos, that is the expectation of IPOB, that is the expectation of MOSSOB and that is the expectation of Nigerians.

In the Zaria incident, the Amnesty International, British High Commissioner and many others issued statements condemning the massacre but in Onitsha massacres, non even acknowledged such occurrences. The reason being that the leadership of the State did not even acknowledge it in the first instance. Collaborators, silent conspirators and other elements of that nature are always identifiable in societies but when it involves lives, it becomes dangerous for leaders to be silent.
- The Nigerian Voice 

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