Wednesday, December 2, 2015

MTN Office In Lagos Attacked By Angry Subscribers

The Bode Thomas Street office of the MTN in Surulere, Lagos, was this afternoon attacked by angry customers who complained that the telecommunication company has for several weeks now continued to block their mobile phone lines.  The company had to invite armed policemen who rushed to the scene to arrest the situation.

A customer who was among the now reduced crowd still standing there about 3.00 pm when our correspondent got to the scene claimed that the police shot teargas at the angry protesters to disperse them. Shattered door glasses indicated that the customers indeed became uncontrollable and violent. One of the policemen said a car also received the wrath of the angry customers.  

The staff had to close for the day, while the armed policemen told visitors to return the next day.   

Some customers claimed that when their lines were first blocked, they had rushed to the MTN office, and after staying on the queue for several hours, they were able to get them reconnected. But to their shock, the lines were disconnected a few days later.

“This is the fifth time I am coming here to re-register my line, and they have continued to disconnect me only days after each visit,” a visibly angry customer told our correspondent who was paying his second visit to the office to have his own line reconnected.

Today, the crowd of subscribers was much. Soon, their anger and frustration overflowed and they became uncontrollable.

Although the small crowd remaining there was peaceful, they could not hide their anger and disappointment as they continued to bitterly complain to the policemen and anyone that cared to listen to them about the painful ordeal the MTN had put the through these past few weeks.

“If not the many contacts I might lose, I would just throw away this line,” a customer cried. The policemen were however friendly and answered everyone that approached them for enquiries.

“They have closed for today. Come back tomorrow,” they kept telling everyone that approached them.

“They should wake up and put their house in order. Bringing the police here will not solve any problem”, another customer yelled.

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