Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Buhari Regime Has elevated Propaganda To A Historical Level

By Olisa Metuh
No Nigerian should be happy with the bitterness, wickedness and vengeful spirit that pervades our land. Our people are now not only divided along religious and ethnic lines but also along political lines with the attendant bickering thereof.
Our new media is filled with people spewing insults, abuses and so much hatred. The government has elevated propaganda to a historical level while the ruling party, not content with lies and deceits, now engages in promoting spite and political persecution.
What can lead a distinguished Senator of the federal Republic of Nigeria to burn the constitution of an opposing political party? It is not enough to dismiss this as the excesses and exuberance of a victor, not at all, this is really part of an organized and coordinated warfare against the vanquished party!
We lost an election, some of us publicly convicted without trial by the government as a group of corrupt Nigerians, electoral victories of our governors, senators and honorable members reversed, members arrested and detained with orchestrated charges, our freedom and liberties denied and now our constitution torn and burnt by an opponent in pure disdain, ridicule and scorn. In what other ways can we be so humiliated and abused?
I speak the minds of millions of Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) members when I say enough is enough.
The Almighty God knows that in opposition we have been decent, responsible and civil. We have accorded our conquerors great respect not because we are afraid but because it is right, proper and will definitely assist in promoting an enduring political culture in our land.
Enough of the bitterness and acrimony, let the President start the healing process side by side his anti-corruption legacy.

 *Metuh is National Publicity Secretary of the PDP

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