Wednesday, March 29, 2017

I Stand With Apostle Johnson Suleman

By Clem Aguiyi
Apostle Johnson Suleman of the Omega Fire Ministry is no stranger to controversy. He’s not a saint and didn’t ask to be canonized one, but the Apostle Suleman that I know is a man who love Christ. He toils hard in the Lord’s vineyard, labouring day after day to win souls for Christ.
He does not just love Christ but ready to die for the Gospel. When he, Apostle Suleman spoke fearlessly on the rights of Christians to bear arms if need be to defend themselves from physical attacks by Islamists, I was agitated as I wondered what would happen to him for speaking out: Will they ignore him? Attack him? Smear him? Frame him up or bring physical harm upon him?
I was therefore, not shocked when little known Canadian stripper, Stephanie Otobo started regaling us with her infamous sexcapades with the media not asking critical questions despite the gaps in the tales.
Having reviewed her sorry tales, I reached the conclusion that she is acting out a familiar script. You need not look further to draw a nexus between Stephanie, her lawyers, Suleman’s foes, their political affiliation and their penchant for image savaging to reach same conclusion. For starters, Apostle Suleman is being accused of sleeping with Stephanie.
Recall for emphasis that on January 28, 2013, Mallam El-Rufai tweeted that “if Jesus criticizes Jonathan’s government, Maku, Abati or Okupe will say that He slept with Mary Magdalene.”
We all know of Mary Magdalene’s past as a former prostitute. Is it therefore a coincidence that years later, the chief critic of El-Rufai persecution of Christians is being accused of sleeping with a prostitute?
They just knock off the wig to change the story depending on their target. Remember the ordeals of Pastor Ayodele Joseph Oritsejafor, the then CAN president and how he was framed with allegation of being a gun runner. Pastor Ayo’s private jet which was on charter operation was leased by the office of the former NSA for a trip to South Africa.
The Nigeria Intelligence community which was infiltrated by some fifth columnists determined to embarrass the Federal Government under President Jonathan for the purpose of achieving regime change tipped the South African government who intercepted and arrested the aircraft and its cargo.
Both the local and international media were effectively deployed to make it appear like Pastor Ayo was a gun runner or privy to the arms deal. Christian clerics including my friend Pastor Kris Okotie feasted on Ayo’s turmoil and called for his head.
But what was Pastor Ayo’s crime? Christians were being killed, abducted and bombed, often times at Sunday worships by blood thirsty Islamist group which the Obama administration refused to designate as a terrorist group.
In fact, Obama and Mrs. Clinton held for long that Boko Haram are fighting social and economic inequality in Nigeria. But Pastor Ayo stood before the US Congress and called on America to quit being hypocritical.
In giving what he called the Nigerian perspective to the terrorist actions of Boko Haram, Pastor Ayo argued that the Boko Haram network has never hidden its agenda or intentions.
For bringing to question the hypocrisy of the United States for saying it believes in freedom and equality, when her actions do not support those who are being persecuted, Ayo’s phones were wire tapped, he was followed by shadowy figures and at a stage the integrity of his aircraft was compromised when some unknown persons placed bricks within the engine compartment.
Ayo was lucky to escape death and alive to still tell his stories. Recall also Pastor Adeboye and Bishop Oyedepo. Adeboye was almost bundled out of his position as GO of RCCG and Oyedepo programmed for arrest and humiliation by the DSS for speaking out against the killings of Christians.
The Apostle Suleman that I know is a good man and an apostle of Jesus Christ. Like his Master Jesus, for many years he went about doing good; he loves to give and gave exceedingly to blow the mind of the receiver. He gave to the sick; many citizens down with renal and kidney failures drank from the milk of his kindness.
They were never part of his congregation but he was touched by their stories. He gave to hundreds of widows and fed thousands of orphans. He gave without discrimination and would have given to that unknown stripper now turned blackmailer.
The lady had told stories of how he met Apostle Suleman in Napoli, how the man of God met his father for an introductory marriage and how the apostle got her pregnant and terminated the pregnancy without her consent, and how she bled nonstop for one full year. She told many stories that do not add up. But her father, Mr. Otobo, denied meeting Apostle Suleman or conducting any introductory marriage between him and the daughter.
The father went on to describe his daughter as wayward just like the mother. Nollywood actresses Daniela Okeke and Kadiri fingered by Stephanie also denied any sexual relationship with Apostle Suleman.
The adultery allegations against Apostle Suleman was a high-level conspiracy meant to destroy his integrity so as to silence his critical and principled voice of truth and dissent in a nation fast becoming a Stalinist state. To those that oppress Christ and His people there is no limit to how far they can go in their quest to bring anyone down.
The evil and wicked plan of the enemy is to destroy the Church so as to silence every perceivable strong voice of opposition. And their mode of operation is to take on every vocal, principled, and popular man of God one after the other. Part of their strategy is bully ruling elite to surrender to the Islamists against the wishes of their people.
The resulting turmoil has bred instability across the North of Nigeria. Should courageous leaders like Apostle Suleman surrender preaching the gospel and defending the faith for fear of being targeted and blackmailed by known dark forces masquerading as agents of the state? Give me a break!
*Clem Aguiyi is a commentator on public issues 

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