Thursday, January 26, 2017

The President's Dining Table Of Corruption

By Nnaemeka Oruh
Nigeria's current president, Muhammadu Buhari, rode to power on a flaming horse of anti-corruption, wielding a blazing without-fear-or-favour sword. It was for that singular reason that most Nigerians voted for him. The Nigerian people, tired of several years of misrule and corruption wanted a change. Buhari was sold to them as that change, the messiah, who will bring about all the changes, and most importantly, defeat corruption, with his blazing sword. As events since his inauguration have shown, that image of Buhari was photoshopped!
Here was a septuagenarian who had not the slightest clue of what leading a nation in the 21st century, and as a civilian leader, was all about. Yet his army of followers coached him on how to brainwash the people with truth-like lies, while promising them paradise. As a man who was only power hungry, he grasped the offer with both hands, and proceeded to recite(when he could remember) the words that he had been coached to recite. In the end, he said enough to deceive Nigerians and they gave him their mandate. But it is key to note that they gave him their mandate so that in addition to performing the miracles he promised, he would most importantly fight corruption without fear or favour, as he promised.

However, Nigerians had not reckoned with two things:

One, to rise to power, the man popularly known as Sai Baba needed money. So to get that, he leaned heavily on some poster-children of corruption, some governor, mostly from the South. who looted their states dry, to fund Sai Baba's election campaigns. By doing that, they forever bought Buhari's loyalty such that even when there are concrete proofs of their corrupt actions, Sai Baba closed his ears to them, and unintelligently continued to defend and shield them.

But what every discerning person immediately understood was that there was no way Sai Baba was going to fight the very corruption that made him President! So, naturally, the first seats around Sai Baba's table were taken by the poster-children of corruption, who have since then remained untouchable—out of the window goes the “favour” part of the without-fear-or-favour sword.
Secondly, and as stated earlier, Sai Baba is without the slightest idea as to how to run a nation in the 21st century. But he realised that one who does not know may engage those whom (he thinks) know, so that they may guide his steps. In come Abba Kyari (Chief of Staff), and David Babachir Lawal (Secretary to the Government of the Federation).These men became the backbone of Baba's government, and consequently indispensable as they know of all of his weaknesses. 

Thus, when both Kyari and Babachir were clearly indicted of corruption, the so called anti-corruption messiah could not stand up against them, and demand that they be punished. There is no way that one expects him to tear off the cloths that cover his weaknesses and leave himself naked for the world to see!

Indeed, the recent ill-advised effort by President Buhari to lie, in order to protect his SGF, Babachir Lawal, may be the final straw. That action clearly makes it obvious to all Nigerians that Muhammadu Buhari, despite his pretenses, is not an anti-corruption president. In fact, it shows that when it suits him, and personally benefits him, he is not averse to providing unlimited support for corruption to flourish.

It stands to reason then that all of the so called anti-corruption bullshit spewed by his administration were aimed at clamping down on the opposition, while deceiving Nigerians. If that is the case then, I dare say that he has finally taken enough for the owners of the house to notice, and this time around, Nigerians have noticed!
*Mr. Oru is a commentator on public issues

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