Monday, January 23, 2017

Northern Governors, Monarchs Meet On Lingering Crisis In The Zone

Governors of the 19 Northern states of the Nigerian federation are currently meeting at the Sir Kashim Ibrahim House in Kaduna to discuss the various crises plaguing the zone.

Uppermost in their minds, according reports, is the worsening security problem in the zone which has wasted thousands of lives, including women and children, displaced lots of people and consumed properties worth billions of naira.

The crisis has further polarised the zone along religious and ethnic lines and deepened suspicion and mistrust among the various co-existing people.

Observers believe that the continued massacre of Southern Kaduna indigenes who are predominantly Christians by Fulani herdsmen should receive the premium attention of the governors and monarchs.

The killings are now widely classified as genocide.

What is generally viewed as the government’s lack lustre reaction to the killings is generating widespread fears that the victims might resort to self-help which will grossly compound the crisis.  

Analysts believe that a lasting solution lies in the ability of the governors and monarchs to approach the deliberations with open and patriotic minds and lack of bias. 

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