Thursday, October 20, 2016

Aisha Buhari: New Face Of The Opposition?

By Steve Nwosu
First Lady, Aisha Buhari, is definitely working for the PDP.
And we can now officially enthrone her as the matriarch of the Wailers. Now, don’t ask me if she has ‘officially’ joined the PDP yet. But to underscore the fact that Hajia Aisha is currently being tempted to publicly tear her APC membership card (OBJ on my mind), President Muhammadu Buhari told a press conference in Germany last week that “I don’t know the party my wife belongs to”.
*Aisha Buhari 
So, officially, husband and wife are no longer in the same political party. My only problem for now is that I don’t know whether she belongs to the Makarfi/Wike faction or the Modu Sherrif faction. I also don’t know how much the umbrella people paid her to do what she’s doing.
Yes, if I or any other journalist or political commentator had said what Mrs. Buhari told BBC Hausa Service about Buhari and his government, I suspect the DSS, Police or EFCC would since have come calling. Yes, they might not resort to pulling down our doors or sneaking up on us like any gang of armed robbers and kidnappers would but bank accounts might have been frozen by now. And Lai Mohammed would be on air, talking about how we had been contracted and generously paid, by the PDP, to discredit Buhari’s government.
I think Aisha is coming from our rich and long production line of strong women in the corridors of power and leadership. Soft exterior, steely interior!
In Nigeria, we are not new to presidencies where the women wear the trousers and have the balls (if you’ll indulge me that expression).
Those who were close to the Goodluck Jonathan’s would swear that it was Mama Peace that had the balls. I was not close to the Umaru Yar’Aduas, but I’ve heard stories about Hajia Turai. President Olusegun Obasanjo may have been as stubborn as a he-goat, but people close to the then first family attest that his beautiful wife, Stella, was one woman OBJ could not put down.
I don’t know how the military leaders coped with their own wives, but legend has it that IBB stood no chance of ever making it to Maryam’s bedroom again if he had insisted, with the then Armed Forces Ruling Council (AFRC), that Asaba should not be the capital of the then about-to-be-created Delta State.
As tough as the goggled Sani Abacha appeared to the rest of us in public, a very beautiful and seemingly harmless Mariam allegedly had him on a short leash. But all these are hearsay. Even in far away US, a quiet and beautiful Hillary was said to have sentenced her all-powerful American President husband, Bill Clinton, to sleeping on the couch when he strayed into browsing Monica Lewinsky’s website. Please, don’t believe anything I’ve just said.
If you know the power of women, you’d agree with me that it is not impossible that even the little PMB said about his wife belonging to the kitchen, his living room and ‘the other room’, may have been cleared by Aisha before PMB dared to say it.
The only tragedy, however, was that PMB said it while standing next to a certain Angela Merkel, Chancellor of his much revered ‘Western Germany’.
Yes, in an era where Theresa May recently emerged UK Prime Minister, and Hillary Clinton is clear favourite to succeed Barack Obama as President of the United States (meaning that three of the five most powerful nations in the world would be ruled by women simultaneously), a Nigerian president, whose brain was not frozen in the stone age (a president who, by the way, shares no blood ties with Donald Trump) tells the world that his wife belongs in the kitchen and “the other room’. Hmm.
Incidentally, I agree with the senator who said the president’s comments were supposed to be a joke. Abeg, Madam Aisha, na joke Oga dey joke o!
But, I’m not calling for the president’s jugular. Let’s not stoke fresh fire for the president on the home front, because he already has enough problems, with the recession, the judiciary, Boko Haram, Niger Delta Avengers, the APC crisis and, of course, The Villa, which we now know, is under a spell, as the Satan’s own liaison office on Earth. 

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