Monday, February 1, 2016

How APC Destroyed Nigeria For 16 Years

By Oraye St. Franklyn
I'm usually taken aback whenever officers of the present All Progressives Congress (APC) administration release statements and interviews to sermonise Nigerians on how Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) administration had destroyed Nigeria for 16 years and how they are working on fixing the mess created by PDP.
It is non-contestable that between May 29, 1999 and May 29, 2015, “PDP" (in quote) occupied the seat of power in Abuja and controlled  majority states of the federation. However, we have to get our fact right with respect to who actually destroyed Nigeria between 1999 and 2015. I believe we should do a holistic analysis on this subject.
President And Vice President: 1999-2015
Nigeria had three presidents between May 29, 1999 and May 29, 2015, namely, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo, Late Malam Umaru Yar'adua and Dr Goodluck Jonathan. Of the three, Obasanjo spent eight years in office (1999-2007), Yar'adua three years (May 2007-May 2010) and Dr Jonathan five years (May 2010-May 2015). Obasanjo who spent the longest period as president (Eight years) has since denounced the PDP to become the APC and Buhari's “navigator” to office. Similarly, of the three vice presidents during the period under review, Atiku Abubakar spent the most number of years in office (Eight, 1999-2007). But he not only moved to AC/APC while in office in 2006, he also aspired to rule Nigeria on the APC platform in 2014 and is today a member of APC's Board of Trustees.
*El-Rufai and Amaechi
Speakers Of House Of Representative: 1999-2015:
Between 1999 and 2015 Nigeria had six Speakers of the Federal House of Representative. These are: Salisu Buhari (June -July 1999), Ghali Na'aba (July 1999-June 2003), Aminu Bello Mansari (June 2003-June 2007), Madam Patricia Etteh (June 2007-November 2007), Dimeji Bankole (Nov 2007-June 2011) and Waziri Tambawal (June 2011-June 2015). Of all Six former Speakers, FOUR are members of APC (Na'aba, Masari, Etteh and Tambuwal) with a combined period of TWELVE YEARS in office out of the sixteen years. Masari and Tambuwal are APC Governors of Katsina and Sokoto states respectively.
Prominent Government Officials
Nasir Elrufai was DG, Bureau for Public Enterprise (BPE), and Secretary of National Council on Privatisation between 1999 and 2003. He later became Minister of Federal Capital Territory (FCT) between 2003 and 2007. As DG BPE and Secretary of NCP, he supervised the privatisation of NEPA, NITEL etc… ALL were enmeshed in controversy. By virtue of his office, Atiku Abubakar was the Chairman of NCP between 1999 and 2007. Both men supervised the privatisation of public companies for the period. They are APC members.
*Obasanjo and Atiku
Danjuma Goje, was the minister of state for power between 1999 and 2003. Rabiu Kwankwaso was minister of Defence between 2003 and 2007. Both are members of APC BoT members and Senators. Samuel Ortom served as minister of state, trade and investment between 2011 and 2015. Nasir el-Rufai was minister of FCT between 2003 and 2007. They are now Governors of Benue and Kaduna states respectively. Should we wash all these away?
State Governors: 1999-2015
Between 1999 and 2015, Gombe State has had three Governors: Abubakar Hashidu (4 years), Danjuma Goje (8 years) and Ibrahim Dankwambo (4 years). Both Hashidu and Goje are members of APC. That for a combined period of 12 years.
In Kwara State, all governors since 1999 are APC members save late Lawal who ruled under APP.
In Anambra state, ex-Govs Mbadiniju (4 years), Nwabueze Chris Ngige (3 years), and Peter Obi (8 years) were Governors. Mbadinuju and Ngige are today APC members. That is a combined 7 years between 1999-2014. PDP''s Obi held sway for 8 years.
Similarly, in Benue State, George Akume held sway from 1999-2007 (and has been Senator 2007 till date). He is an APC chieftain.
All Governors of Osun State between 1999 till date are APC members. Also in Ekiti state, of the 16 years, PDP's Fayose only had four years. Otunba Niyi Adebayo (4 years), Segun Oni (3 years) and KayodeFayemi (4 years) are all BoT members of APC.
In Abia State, Uzo Kalu that held sway between 1999 to 2007 is a chief of APC. APC Govs have been in power in Lagos State all through the period.
In Zamfara State, APC Governors held sway for TWELVE out of the 16 years. In Rivers State APC chieftain, Rotimi Chibuike Amaechi, was not only Governor for eight years (of the 16 years), he also served as Speaker for the other part of 8 years. Plateau State Governor Simon Lalong was a Speaker during the Joshua Dariye administration. The list is endless.
APC’s Claim That PDP Destroyed Nigeria For 16 Years Is Illogical
We can see that between 1999 and May 2015, several individuals occupied various political offices, and the actions (and inactions) of these office-holders contributed to the decline of Nigeria and her economy. Majority of these people were at one time or the other indicted for corrupt practices and fraud while in office. Most of these people are members of APC and some appointed into offices. ALL of them combined are responsible for the sorry state of things in Nigeria.
We can not forget so soon that it was Saraki and Amaechi (as NGF Chairpersons) that moved for the sharing and depletion of the Excess Crude Account, which the President Goodluck Jonathan bowed to between 2007 and 2012. In fact, they also pushed for the sharing of One Billion Dollars in Sovereign Wealth Fund but was resisted by Jonathan.
Today, Saraki is not just APC Senator but also the Senate President, while Amaechi is a “super minister – the Minister of Transport. Can we forget so soon that Audu Ogbeh, a the current Minister of Agriculture and APC Senator Barnabas Germade were PDP National Chairmen between these period?


  1. What a FARCE! APC has been in existence ONLY from 2014, and has been in power at the Federal level ONLY since 2015. But they have been, or should be, responsible - and blamable - for the events and occurrencies that have transpired in Nigeria since 1999? Really?

    What a FARCE! This joker deserves not even a single response from anyone!

    1. Please, always try and read articles very well before commenting. It will always save you the embarrassment of advancing views that do not demonstrate your adequate understanding of the point made which you are purporting to react to. The PDP is not an abstract entity. It is an organisation made up of human beings. What this writer is saying is that during the past 16 years, many of those claiming to belong to the APC today played very key, active roles in realising whatever the PDP did. A criminal cannot just distance himself from his crime by simply changing his name. So, each time the APC talks about the havoc wreaked by the PDP for 16 years, it is also indicting its leading lights and chieftains who were all active and prominent members of the PDP. Truth is: there is no difference between the APC and the PDP. Don't be carried away by empty propoganda

  2. APC is just the PDP with another name. The only things the APC does better than the PDP are lying, misinformation and propaganda

  3. Trust a Nigerian politician at your own risk.

  4. When will APC stop lying to and deceiving Nigerians? The party may end up achieving nothing for four years while they would keep lying to Nigerians. Their lies have already started expiring

  5. Great analysis.
    Question is, how do we let the common Nigerian on the street, see their lies when they come canvassing for votes, and stop being bought over by stipends of bags of rice and cooking oil.

    We share the blame too, by not seeing the sorry state these rouge politicians put the populace in, and therefore stand up for what is right based on the constitution.

    Nigerians have got to stop hero worshipping area boys that have made national headlines as celebrated fraudsters and thieves.

    Nobody is going to perform the surgery needed on us, except ourselves.

    It's a high time we wake up and smell the coffee.

  6. Great analysis!
    Question is, how do we get the common Nigerian on the street to see their lies, when they come canvassing for votes, and don't fall for their stipends of bags of rice and cooking oil.

    Nigerians need to stop hero-worshipping home boys and area fathers that have made national and international headlines as celebrated rouges and shameless thieves.

    Nobody is going to perform the mental surgery on us except ourselves. It's high time we wake up and smell the coffee.


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