Saturday, May 23, 2015

Buhari Why?

By Onyemaechi Ogbunwezeh

Fellow Nigerians!
I can't still wrap my head around this!
The election of Muhammadu Buhari is gradually unravelling as a hagiography ghost-written by Big oil and other vested-interests of imperial atrocity that has continued to rape Africa for 600 years now.
Two days ago, General Muhammadu Buhari, elected President of Nigeria on the 28th of March, 2015, and who was about to be sworn in on the 29th of May, left Nigeria under the clouds of darkness, whose opacity is unparalleled, and jetted out to London for reasons no one has been able to decipher.
Buhari Why?
His press team came out to say that he went to London to rest. He travelled in the company of Deziani Allison Madueke. Was this an accident? This would be an accident if you believe that a politician would never lie.
This journey raises serious questions of fundamental importance to all Nigerians. Who actually owns Nigeria? And who actually rules Nigeria? And for whom do they rule this country?

Buhari meets with British PM Cameron 
First and foremost, what is an issue so pressing and so important that a president elect has to leave his country a few days before his inauguration to jet out of his country to go and attend to? What it so important that it cannot wait until after his inauguration so that it would enjoy the public scrutiny such a journey should necessarily attract. How would Americans have reacted if Barack Obama, a few weeks to his inauguration jets out to Russia for undisclosed reasons? Or Tony Blair jets out a few weeks to his inauguration as Prime Minister to China just to rest?
Buhari why?
Did Nigerians elect you so that you would go and genuflect before foreign interests to auction off our future and our aspirations? Did Nigerians elect you to go and dobale to British imperial interests?
Buhari why? Why in God's name did you go to London?
I think that the same Anglo-American oil and economic hit-men that have compromised every Nigerian government since independence are at it again. Buhari was summoned to Whitehall to receive his instructions, and to drop that pretense to change upon which he rode to power. That does not serve the interests of British-American oil men. They will never brook that. He should hit the ground running and ensure that all American and British interests are protected even if Nigerians are dying of hunger.

*Muhammed Buhari, Tony Blair and Yemi Osibanjo
Britain and America never loved democracy. They pretend to love democracy. But when their interests are threatened by the democratic expression of a people's sovereignity, they do all in their power to scuttle that. Mark Curtis articulated it well in his book Unpeople, thus:
"It seems to be inconcievable in the mainstream that Britain could be opposed to democracy in Iraq or elsewhere. Rather, it is axiomatic that Britain is a supporter of democracy; the only apparent concession is that some 'mistakes' might be made along the way or else leaders may have too high 'ideals'. As a result. Blair's and Bush's statements about wishing to bring democracy to Iraq are rarely countered, even despite the evidence that the opposite is the case... In the period of occupation alone, Britain has given its backing blatantly to flawed elections in Russia, Chechnya and NIGERIA. In truth, Britain and the US have a general aversion to genuine democracy, particularly in the Middle East, where the most popular political movements tend to have weird ideas about using resources for national development purposes rather than for the benefit of western corporation"..p.21

Buhari went to London to be compromised. The change we believed we voted for has been sold off to the vested interests of imperial atrocity, whose bridgehead for raping Nigeria has been Nigerian politicians since independence.
A president elect, who should be holding court in the territory he has been entrusted, to preside over; daring anyone who seeks his audience to come do obeisance at his feet and kiss his ring in his court, instead abandoned decorum and the integrity of his office, jetted out to London shroud in veils of secrecy without fanfare like an adulterous mistress visiting his lover, to do things that could not be published on the pages of a newspaper. This journey was sudden and so secret as to catch his Associates unawares. What was this secret meeting all about?
*Diezani Allison-Madueke
And his press officer came out with the bullshit that he went to London to rest? Rest from what? To rest a few days before his inauguration as President? What was he going to rest from? From an election debate that he refused to show up for? Or what?
Buhari should tell Nigerians what he went to London to do a few days to his inauguration. Nigerians deserve to know to whom their destiny has been mortgaged to. This journey is so very suspicious that we need serious inquiry into what our president elect went out at night to do in London.
Dr. Ogbunwezeh resides in Germany.  

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  1. It's either General Buhari went for quick medical attention or is pursuing a hidden agenda. If not, how could one explain his actions and traveling out the country just few days to inauguration.


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