Wednesday, September 25, 2013

President Obama's Address To The United Nations General Assembly

Tuesday, September 24, 2013 (New York)
Mr. President, Mr. Secretary General, fellow delegates, ladies and gentlemen:  Each year we come together to reaffirm the founding vision of this institution.  For most of recorded history, individual aspirations were subject to the whims of tyrants and empires.  Divisions of race and religion and tribe were settled through the sword and the clash of armies.  The idea that nations and peoples could come together in peace to solve their disputes and advance a common prosperity seemed unimaginable.  

*President Obama
It took the awful carnage of two world wars to shift our thinking.  The leaders who built the United Nations were not na├»ve; they did not think this body could eradicate all wars.  But in the wake of millions dead and continents in rubble, and with the development of nuclear weapons that could annihilate a planet, they understood that humanity could not survive the course it was on.  And so they gave us this institution, believing that it could allow us to resolve conflicts, enforce rules of behavior, and build habits of cooperation that would grow stronger over time. 
For decades, the United Nations has in fact made a difference -- from helping to eradicate disease, to educating children, to brokering peace.  But like every generation of leaders, we face new and profound challenges, and this body continues to be tested.  The question is whether we possess the wisdom and the courage, as nation-states and members of an international community, to squarely meet those challenges; whether the United Nations can meet the tests of our time.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Obasanjo Lied Against Me, Says Farida Waziri

...Threatens To Expose Him

My attention has been drawn to a number of allegations made against me by Chief Obasanjo. One of such was the alleged involvement of former Delta State Governor, James Ibori, in my appointment. While I hold the office of a Head of State, either serving or retired, in the highest esteem, I will like to put on record for the umpteenth time that this is totally unfounded, blatant lie and arrant falsehood.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Child Marriage: Ahmed Yerima And Stella Damasus Slug It Out

Senator Ahmed Yerima, Stella Damasus (Nollywood Actress), Professor Ishaq Akintola (Lagos State University)  and  Aminu Gamawa (Lawyer and Doctoral Candidate At Harvard University) Discuss Child Marriage On  AlJazeera 

Ahmed Yerima                                                       Stella Damasus Actress 
Nigerian Senator
                    What A Passionate Debate...      
                       Capable  Of Drawing Tears...
                  But Wait A Minute! 
The Child-Bride In The Centre Of This Storm Is Also A Human Being With Flesh And Blood Whose Life Is Being Endangered By Callous Men In Search Of  Odious Pleasure... 
What Is Her Opinion On This?   

Professor Ishaq Akintola                                                                          

 Aminu Gamwa


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