Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Teaching Immorality In Schools

By Ugochukwu Ejinkeonye

If anyone had told me a few years ago that a time will come in Nigeria when the authorities will approve the teaching of sexual immorality as a subject in junior and secondary schools, I would have thought that the person had lost his mind. But now, before our very eyes, it is happening, and I lack words to describe the shock among many Nigerians! 

Not too long ago, I was shown the topics being treated under the subject called “Sexuality Education” or “Sex Education” which tender kids in both junior and secondary schools in Nigeria are now being forced to learn.  Mere kids, some as young as ten or even nine, are put in the hands of teachers, who deploy every energy, talent and creativity to saturate their tender minds with every detail about sexual immorality and the use of contraceptives. 

When I first raised alarm on this issue in my weekly column not too long ago, a concerned parent wrote me to say that the ‘Teacher’s Guide’ given to the Integrated Science teachers (who handle this subject) mandates them “to teach the children that religious teachings on issues like pre-marital sex, contraception, homosexuality, abortion and gender relations are mere opinions and myths! They are also to teach the students how to masturbate and use chemical contraceptives (designed for women in their 30s). The ‘Teachers Guide’ equally lays a big emphasis on values clarification; this empowers teenage children to decide which moral values to choose since the ones parents teach them at home are mere options.”

It is difficult to imagine that anyone outside a mental home could have the mind to design such a subject even for the children of his worst enemy! In my view, this clearly qualifies as child abuse, which, sadly, has been endorsed by the authorities.  I have reasons to suspect that what some of the teachers would be giving out would be targeted more at titillating their tender victims than educating them!  I can imagine how easy it would now become for a teacher who has been targeting a female student to use his creative elaboration of this subject, to get the girl so overwhelmed she would become easy meat. 

I am told that there are two main reasons for the introduction of this subject in our schools. One is to empower school children with adequate knowledge about their bodies and how to “safely” indulge in pre-marital sex without falling victims to teenage pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases, especially HIV/AIDS. The second reason is to demystify fornication, give it a positive image, as something to be cherished and enjoyed without any fear, as long as it is done “safely” and consensually. The belief is that with the age-long “superstition” built around sexual immorality which ‘stigmatizes’ it as an evil and sinful activity, some kids tend to go into it with fear and dread, and so develop psychological problems arising from the guilt they feel afterwards. 

But these reasons are simply hollow and unconvincing. They are built on the assumption that in the present age, it is extremely difficult, if not impossible, for unmarried people to abstain from pre-marital sex.  Instead of emboldening kids to behave like dogs, why not teach them to value their bodies and maintain their self-esteem by abstaining from immorality as our own parents had taught us? The difference between human beings and animals is the ability to reason and determine the consequences of actions, and then exercise discretion and self-control. Why not tell a kid the consequences of an action and use that to dissuade him from indulging in it?

Looking at the earnestness with which this policy is being pursued despite oppositions to it, one is forced to suspect that there may also be a commercial angle to it. Are we sure that substantial profit is not   accruing to the initiators of this programme and their collaborators in government from the sales of the several books being written and printed on the subject? Support may equally be coming from the manufacturers of contraceptives who certainly see in this a lucrative venture to promote and sustain.

Now, how far has this subject helped in reducing teenage pregnancies and STDs in the Western nations where it has been taught, assimilated and practiced for many years now? It is a fact that these teachings have, for instance, been introduced in both the United States and Britain for many years now, but as I write now, I have before me, a BBC report saying that Britain has the highest record of teenage pregnancy in the whole of Western Europe. Also, another report has it that the United States has the highest number of teenage pregnancies in the entire Western world. Again, in the United States, it is reported that new infections of HIV are still on the increase.

That naturally leads us to the contentious issue of “safe sex.”  So, what is all this fetish about “safe sex” and how “safe” can sex actually be?  The truth is that a lot of studies and findings have effectively punctured the dubious confidence built over the years on condom-use.  We know that with an effective magnifying lens, it is easy to see that several objects, especially rubber and plastics, have tiny holes through which very minute micro organisms could pass. I read somewhere recently that “HIV virus is only 0.1 micron in size while the naturally occurring holes in a latex condom is of the order 5 to 50 microns in diameter.”  So where then is the “protection” we have heard so much about if the deadly virus can indeed pass through the wall of  a condom? Is this not why we have often heard reports of people contracting HIV even though they had practiced the so-called “protected sex”? This is the time to rethink all this stuff behind which some fellows have hidden to pollute the minds of kids with ruinous teachings.

Fortunately, we have one precaution that does not fail. And that is the good old abstinence, which has been proven and tested to be the only reliable protection against deadly STDs and teenage pregnancies? We must hasten to realize that what is at stake here is human life, and should not be toyed with, for whatever reasons. It is becoming increasingly difficult to understand this desperation to create an immoral and ungodly society by misleading the youths?  Now, if not for reasons that are less than noble and wholesome, why would Nigeria be eager to import a policy that is failing even in more advanced nations?   

Okay, here is another point to ponder: HIV is 500 times smaller than spermatozoa, yet research has established that spermatozoa are able to sometimes pass through the wall of a latex condom to cause conception. Now, if this is the case, are we not by this subject leading our youths through the minefield? The example cited earlier of the worrisome rise in fresh infections of HIV in a place like the US  where years of successful sex-education has achieved overwhelming attitudinal change in favour of condom-use should serve to buttress this point.

Now, with this policy in place and flourishing, where is this nation really heading to? What is the use living, if one must live like a dog? 

I would, therefore, want to advise the  school boy or girl reading this piece to please pause awhile and ask himself or herself what the initiators of this policy hope to achieve in his of her life by giving him or her these teachings? Such a youth should wonder how they still expect him to concentrate on his studies after they have saturated his mind with filthy teachings that only fill his mind with distractive lusts. Now, if his instructors (who are mostly parents) are encouraging him to freely indulge in sexual immorality at this early stage of his life, what type of future leader do they expect him to become? After “empowering” him to go on the rampage, wouldn’t they have succeeded in giving him a disease deadlier than even the AIDS they are presuming to save him from – which is the destruction of his moral fibre?  What is the guarantee that he would be able to build a healthy family afterwards, by shunning the promiscuity that this subject is surely preparing him for, and which, as we all know, results in the proliferation of broken homes which has become the nightmare of the Western world?   

It is instructive that The Guardian on Sunday, July 18, 1999, carried a report that a cross section of American college (mostly female) students are regretting the limitless freedom their parents had allowed them and have resolved to devote themselves to pursue a “no-sex” campaign. But in Nigeria in 2013, sexual immorality has been deregulated and democratized.

Right now, there appears to be some serious regret soaking the consciousness of many in the Western world, because of the moral wreck many children have become. But they are now helpless, because, it seems to have become too late, and things have gone out of hand. They now wish they never gave a perverted interpretation to freedom at some point in their history. 

But poor Nigerians, we are always distinguished by our peculiar eagerness to always gobble up everything Western, no matter how rotten or destructive. Go to the people in Nollywood, and ask them why they are going so wild and immoral and the answer you will get is: That is how they do it in Hollywood. See what I mean?

But concerned Nigerian parents cannot afford to be intimidated and just watch helplessly as some fellows whose intentions are less than noble go all out to ruin their kids for them. And so, they should be able to ask: To what extent should the government interfere in people’s lives and families? Where does the government derive the authority to invade somebody’s home with ungodly teachings and inflict them on the person’s kids, just because he gave his kid to the government to educate in their schools? Shouldn’t an open and clear expression of disaffection towards this gross violation by stakeholders lead to its reappraisal and possible removal from the school curriculum? 

Again, and very importantly too; most people have strongly accepted and hold very dear to their hearts the teachings they have received from the religious faith of their choice (which we as civilized people must respect) that sexual immorality which is a grievous sin against God attracts eternal damnation; and they are eager to ensure that both themselves and their kids escape this terrible doom; how then can we accommodate and respect this their belief (which is sacred to them) in this current effort to teach and encourage their children to freely indulge in fornication?  Should we just dismiss and callously tear down a belief they hold so sacred and dear, and with which they have determined to successfully raise their children to become morally healthy kids? As if it does not matter?  

It is time to rethink this policy and remove it from the school curriculum since it denies a large a number of people the option of choice. Many parents are not even aware that such a teaching is being generously forced down the throats of their precious children, thereby destroying all they have taught them at home.

Certainly, there are centres where some NGOs have established to propagate these pro-pre-marital sex teachings. Interested parents can take their children to those centres, while the objecting parents are spared the trauma of watching their kids being subjected to a menu they firmly believe is terribly unhealthy and ruinous. Their right to dissent must be respected.   
*Ugochukwu Ejinkeonye (scruples2@hotmail.com;@ugowrite)
May 2013


  1. So what EFFECTIVE steps can we take right now?

  2. Dear Ugochukwu,
    The content of your piece is rich and serve an eye-opener. The summary is that a disaster is waiting to happen. Had it been there is another word, I would substitute it for immorality. The moral rot that is awaiting our society would be unquantifiable by the time it happens. You touched everything you needed to touch in that piece. I have nothing to add nor subtract.
    I read a similar concern around early 2003 or 2007 on the 'Daily Trust' newspaper from one Idang Alibi (I hope this is the correct name)
    It is a worrying a trend that the campaign to destroy our future is now being carried to our children at school. After invading our homes with obscene films but which some parents have been able to repel, the easiest route now is the school. We must not wait for this disaster to happen.
    Our self esteem is now so low that we take everything from the WEST line, hook and sinker. Prostitution has been commercialized and glorified while prostitutes like those ones in Nollywood are called celebrities. I read a piece on leadership weeks ago on Nollywood's penchant for pornography films now. The annoying thing is that some of these prostitutes are use as ambassadors for both governmental and non-governmental agencies.
    My brother, I fear for our children the direction the Nigeria society is taking us to. But one thing I still cant understand is why will a society so blessed in rich cultural value would be courting the wrath of God just to get into the good book of the west. Ironically, Many in the West have realized how wasteful their lives have been and are now becoming religious. In the West a number of parents now adopting what is called home school to save their children form trash being thought at conventional schools.
    We must resist this evil plan by making the campaign loud even if it requires civil disobedience. As you said, the right of people to reject should be respected.
    Well done.

  3. I read your piece in respect of the above and feel deep sorrow for this to be happening in our lifetime. Please if there is any group action on this, I shall be very ready to participate, while I will further the spread of this message. Thank you and God bless.

  4. Good afternoon,
    Your article "Teaching Immorality In Schools" was posted to a forum which I belong to and even though I almost bursted into tears because I'm a parent and I know the implications of leaving an innocent child in the hands of some lustful minded teachers who would take advantage of the evil introduction into the syllabus, I also had a sense if relieve with the article you wrote that all hope is not lost in restoring our moral values in this country. I'm happy that I have a Nigerian thinking like you.

    Our moral fibre is decaying fast and something need to be done to save the future of our children. The media is not helping issues, nollywood is now a way to instill immorality in our children, the rise of hip-hop artists today is worsening our situation as all they think they have to do to sell is be raw in their songs, advertising regulatory bodies are doing nothing to the fast growing trend of using naked women to advertise. In public places you see people selling x-rated adult materials (magazines, dvds, books, etc), young school children pass by and have a stop to take a look into what is been sold. I'm saddened by all these sincerely

    Hardly do you hear people preach abstinence again. All you hear is "play safe" and all sort of dirty languages.

    What exactly is the way forward?

    How long would it take us to realize that following the west is destroying our society?

    Hardly would a week pass by without reading a case of rape in the newspapers!

    Do people not see a link in the rising level of immorality & indecency with the increased cases of rape?

    I'm stunned and disturbed.

    I wont be surprised if with this article you have been criticized and insulted as not civilized, backward and all sort of things people use to rubbish this kind of moral shaping article.

    I encourage you to keep this up. You have a few people like me listening to you.

  5. Dear Ugoo,
    I read your article Teaching Immorality in Schools with great delight and pain. I am delightful for the courage, clear headedness, faith and love and sound logic in your piece but pained to the degree of decadence we have landed ourselves. Being part of the fight against sex edu in schools about a decade ago, it pains me that evil seems to have got the residence permit and seriously waiting for a green card. Evil thrive because good people do nothing or little. We need to talk more. We are in a great cultural war at this twilight of 21 century most of which were residues of 20th century and those who have gain lives of their own.
    Thanks in the name of God, and of all that is good, of all that we hold true and dear.God bless you.
    Best wishes,

  6. A friend of mine just forwarded me your [disturbing] article on the teaching of immorality in schools. I figured you were just fingering at the tip of the iceberg.
    You are not alone in this fight and we must pool our resources to take it [the fight] to the finish.

  7. A timely intervention from a sane and focused mind. Well argued article. My fear is that most parents are not even aware of this poison being forced down the throats of their kids. It is sad that just few murky-minded fellows gathered somewhere and decided (for self-serving and devilish reasons) to foist this rubbish on Nigerians without even bothering to consult stakeholders - majorly parents of the kids they are polluting. Nigerians must rise to oppose and resist this. And it should be done urgently

  8. It is difficult to believe this has been happening. The world has gone truly berserk. What next will they teach tender kids? What! This cannot just go on. Nigerian parents should not feel intimidated, but must resist this. I would like to be part of any action aimed at expunging this rubbish out of the school system. What!?

  9. No doubt, the devil is the one behind this evil policy. It was designed by him and handed to his agents in the school system and the government to destroy the hapless youths - in order to make them moral wrecks and damn their souls. Real trouble is in town

  10. This artcle is divinely inspired.
    I pray God will use this to raise a very strong objection in the mind of every loving and caring parent who truly loves and cares for the well being of his/her children.
    Parents should raise their voice against "sexuality education" in PTA meetings held in various schools where their wards are.
    They should also request to view the curriculum of the private schools they take their children to.
    They should create time to observe what their children are being taught in schools.
    Remain blessed, sir.

  11. This piece is well articulated. Please find a way of pushing it to the responsible authorities for perusal and possible action. God bless you.

  12. This new and destructive monster introduced into the curriculum must be decapitated.

    Parents and children must cry out and raise alarm against such through schools PTA meeting and through social media or through any other available medium untill the ministry of education remove this satanic protrusion called "SEX EDUCATION" from the curriculum.

  13. I say no to sexual education.
    The harm that this will bring if fully implemented in this country especially in the northern part of this country will produce a worse version of Sodom & Gomorrah


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