Friday, April 20, 2012

Is Angelina Jolie Starving Herself To Death?

It is, perhaps, time to try and look away from the overflowing praise the western media usually heaped on American actress and director, Angelina Jolie, whom they always glowingly describe as “trim and beautiful” and tell ourselves the simple truth that stares everyone in the face every day, but which only very few would dare to admit, namely, This lady is starving herself to death in order to continue to conform with the “approved” notion of beauty, and remain the darling of the entertainment media!
*Angelina Jolie

But if our eyes are not deceiving us, Angelina Jolly is just all skin and bones. She is badly emaciated. And whoever defined beauty that way must be using a very strange and overly bad dictionary!


Now, we are not the only ones saying this.  

As Angelina Jolly grabbed the headlines across the (western) world and soaked in the overwhelming compliments poured on her way due to her “exceptional beauty” after pictures of her appearance at the last Oscar Awards hit the headlines, Dr. Drew appeared on The VIEW—the American Talk and Variety Show, on March 2, 2012, and lamented that Ms. Jolly was “dangerously malnourished.”  

At last, somebody has said the unsayable!   

'She's malnourished… I just see malnutrition… We should not look at that as an ideal of beauty, even though she might be a beautiful woman … Something’s going on here,' Dr. insisted.

What an irony that Ms. Jolly is spending millions of dollars trying to feed underfed, malnourished children across the world, many of who look even healthier than she does. It is sad how a millionnaire actress and director is starving herself to death just to look "beautiful." But to many, she is scary skinny! Has she become enorexic? She surely needs some help.


  1. Scary. Somebody should, please, talk some sense into Angelina Jolie. And those praising her for turning herself into this are her worst enemies. I just don't understand how being like this could be described as being beautiful.

  2. Skeletons with skin draped over them is gross


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