Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Henry Boyo, Renowned Economist, Dies

Dr. Henry Boyo, renowned economist and public intellectual, is dead. He died in London on Monday, November 18. He was 72.

Dr. Boyo was the Managing Director of Cocosheen Nigeria Limited, Lagos. 

He has written extensively on the Nigerian economy in his syndicated columns which appear in several national newspapers, like Daily Independent, Punch, Vanguard, etc.  

He is also a regular face on the various television channels where he passionately advances very illuminating ideas on how to steer the Nigerian economy out of the woods. 

Boyo had been deeply concerned about the monetary policies of the Nigerian government and the ever declining value of the Naira, and had written extensively to suggest how the situation could be remedied.  

In a 2018 interview he lamented that the Nigerian economy was in "reverse gear."

Dr. Boyo has also published many of his articles under the pseudonym, Les Leba. 

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