Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Dishonesty Of Buhari Administration Knows No Bounds

By Reno Omokri
On December 18, 2013, then President Goodluck Jonathan unveiled the first ever made in Nigeria drone built by the Nigerian Air Force in Kaduna. Yesterday, President Buhari went to Kaduna to unveil the same drone and declared it the ‘first made in Nigeria drone’. Why can’t the Buhari government stop lying? Why must they be so dishonest?

That is how the same Buhari administration tried to lay claim to other infrastructure and achievements of the Jonathan government.

Three of such Jonathan projects that the Buhari administration has tried to dishonestly pass of as its own projects are the Abuja-Kaduna fast railway, the Loko-Oweto bridge and road and the Lagos-Ibadan railway.

Nigerians should note that this administration continues to steal the achievements of others because it has none to boast of. Whether it is the Treasury Single Account (a personal initiative of President Jonathan and Dr. Mrs. Ngozi Okonjo Iweala) or the cashless policy, President Buhari continues to attempt to reap where he did not sow.

I urge therefore Nigerians to intimate themselves with the character of this dishonest government, whether it is about Maina or about the sordid revelations that have come to light about the NIA $44 million or the $25 billion worth of contracts awarded without due process by the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation or indeed the 1.1 billion budgeted by the Presidency for the cleaning of the National Security Adviser’s office at a daily cost of 3.5 million.

My advise to Nigerians is that if President Buhari or his lying spokesmen tell you good morning, it will be wise to look outside to ensure that it is truly morning.

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