Monday, November 14, 2016

Judgment Day Comes For Homosexuals

By Tony Iwuoma
I have never hidden my distaste for homosexuals and lesbians. That God prescribes death sentence for this scurrilous conduct highlights how revolting and abominable it is. If there is a man who lies with a male as those who lie with a woman, both of them have committed a detestable act; they shall surely be put to death. Their blood guiltiness is upon them. (Leviticus 20:13)
However, in this libertine age of misconstrued grace, society has been overly tolerant of the evil. Even in the 17th century, New England and some American colonies adopted this biblical recommendation of death for homosexuals until 1786, after the Revolution, when man rebelled against God, with Pennsylvania in the lead by dropping the death penalty. Of more recent is the June 26, 2003 US Supreme Court ruling in the Lawrence versus Texas suit that annulled the Texas same sex sodomy law on the grounds that sex was covered by the liberty rights of the US constitution. Ever since, morality has taken a steep decline, even in traditional African societies and the church.
In a recent post, a young undergraduate of the University of Port Harcourt met a homosexual on the social media. He was sent N20, 000 to come to Lagos for sexual tryst. After the romp, somewhere in Ifako area, he was paid N150, 000. To his utter shock and amazement, soon after, he started developing multiple organs – five full-blown penises (the picture too repulsing to publish here). By this time though, his homosexual partner had vanished into thin air, leaving the young man in quandary.
Much as one is not rejoicing over this avoidable tragedy, it is timely warning for similarly inclined men and women to make a detour from the ignoble path of perdition lest greater calamity befalls them. The same message goes to the fallen Miss Anambra, whose disgusting video of sex act, using cucumber of all things was trending in social media and all same sex inclined perverts.
God still loves them though, both homosexuals and lesbians. But He hates their despicable conduct and unless they repent, they will surely perish. They may hide from man but not from God.  It is obvious that God seems to have taken up the task of enforcing His own laws, which no man can annul.
Donald Trump is the man of the moment for whom the impossible has happened. The much-hyped presidential election in the United States climaxed last Tuesday, posting a most unexpected result. The candidate of the Republican Party, Donald Trump, a billionaire business mogul, trounced the candidate of the Democratic Party, Hilary Clinton, former first lady, former senator, former secretary of state, and former this and that.
Trump was trailed by many controversies all the way from the primaries, including tax evasion and philandering with different women, some of whom openly accused him of groping them. But he braced all of the odds stoically and weathered the storm alone, even when leading lights in his party abandoned him. Trump was a one-man riot squad, who could even be described as an independent candidate though he contested on the Republican Party’s platform.

Clinton had her own fair share of scandals, the most devastating being her handling of official email through her private channels. She had initially been cleared of the accusation. So certain was her election that prophets of fortune began dishing out ‘divine’ revelations of her emergence.  Unfortunately, for inexplicable turnaround, the FBI boss resurrected the email saga a few days to the polls and that, more than anything else, nailed her presidential ambition.
Hilary Clinton was beloved of her party, the world and the Barak Obama presidency. In fact, Obama worked so hard, putting his own legacy on the line, as a Clinton win would have endorsed his performance in office since 2008. Trump’s shock triumph over his much more politically experienced Clinton has set the world buzzing. People are afraid of Trump because in the course of campaign, he made unsavoury tirades against Blacks, Latinos, Jews, Muslims, immigrants and certain policies of the Obama administration, especially the Obamacare, which he promised to pull down. Protests against his emergence have swept across some states but that does not seem to dent Trump’s inauguration on January 20 except in the most unlikely volte-face of the Electoral College.
Hilary was definitely more schooled in the finest places but spoke in the abstract to the American people. She was more globalist than American. But streetwise Trump knew what the people wanted and went for just those. It does not matter whether he would be able to deliver on those variables ultimately but in the meantime; he gave the people what they wanted.  A leader that is too distant from the led will always have problems with them.
The lessons to be learnt from Trump’s victory are many. The man deserves to be garlanded for the courage to stand alone unfazed. Trump knew the dream he had and how to realise it with or without help. More importantly, Trump deployed his streetwise acumen effectively and crashed public expectation. He knew what the people wanted to hear and played that up. The threats and hard talk were all well orchestrated to whip up sentiments of the inelegant. Of course, it is this lowly mob that holds the real power. Trump titillated their emotions and they believed him just as they believed President Muhammadu Buhari when he made unrealistic promises to Nigerians in the run-up to the 2015 elections.
Now that Trump has won and awaiting inauguration in January, will he implement all that he promised during his campaign? The world waits for him in the coming months but I know deep within me that Americans have been defrauded, as Nigerians were because none of those promises are realistic or realisable. America is a nation founded on law and Trump cannot ride roughshod like in Nigeria to do unconstitutional or illegal things without being impeached. He cannot do any of the things he promised to do to blacks because black Americans are key in a lot of things that make America tick. He dares not touch the Jews either, or any of those things he threatened. In fact, Trump never even meant them; for him it was a game he played so well and it paid off for him. His beautiful acceptance speech points to where he is headed: Heal the divided American state.
*Mr. Iwuoma is a commentator on public issues 

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